Ammonite Football Agency is an organization made up of a team of dedicated, seasoned and professional soccer enthusiasts who have, respectively, worked in the soccer fraternity at various levels.


Goal scorer, Team Coordination, Good Header, Good passer of the ball, Teamplayer, Discipline.

Okechukwu Nwanna is a talented player playing in the attacking position for FC Bethel International. He’s a good header, top goal scorer and great team coordinator. He’s a well disciplined team player who always gets the job done.


Winger, Support Striker, Striker and Attacking midfield.

Jacob Hungbo is an exciting Talent playing as a Winger, Support striker, Striker and Attacking midfield. He is presently the captain of Team football club participating in the Fusion Football Championship League and participating in other National competition. He has leadership qualities and high mentality to succeed at top level. Very strong on the ball, pacy and high for goal.


Dribbling Skills, Goal Scorer, Physically and mentally strong, Team Player.

John Bassey plays in the right wing for FC Bethel International. He’s known for his fantastic dribbling skills as well as his strong physical and mental traits. He’s a top goal scorer and quality team player.


Team coordination, Good Header, Good passer of the ball, Team Player, Discipline.


Defensive Stopper, Ariel threat, Ball distribution and passing, Accurate shooter.

Solomon Chinoso Agbalaka plays the center back position at BroadCity Footbal Club. He’s a two time finalist with BCFC. He has played 17 games at the Fusion League where he scored 5 goals. He has also participated in the TCC Competition. Solomon has excellent balls kills and he’s a great defender.


Central Attacking Midfielder.