In the past we were Football Talent Africa, founded in 2015.

Ammonite Football Agency is an organization made up of a team of dedicated, seasoned and professional soccer enthusiasts who have, respectively, worked in the soccer fraternity at various levels. Our organization’s primary objective is to find young soccer talents across the borders of the African continent, develop and assist these talents in getting into professional leagues in Europe. Ammonite Football Agency takes players through comprehensive soccer routines which are tailored to harness each player’s strengths and improve their weakness. At Ammonite Football Agency, every soccer talent produced is unique.

One of Ammonite Football Agency’s Key aims is to discover and develop promising new football talents across the continent. We strive to mold new and raw talents into professional and international standards. Ammonite Football Agency also serves as an agency for these new football talents. Apart from shaping and training found talents, we also serve as a platform to help players to be recruited into professional football clubs on a global scale. We mediate on behalf of talents and ensure talents get the best offers available for them worldwide.


We scout ourselves in Ghana.
We work together with multiple clubs and football academies. We have 6 years of experience in Ghana, also with culture. Our mission is to work with young players, aged 16-19 years, and bring them to Europe when they are 18 years old.

What is needed for that?
– Reliable partners
– Football agents
– Football clubs
– Football academy
– With all the same mission, developing young African talents to make them suitable for the Spanish market and make money.


Why Spain?
  • The Spanish climate is extremely suitable
  • More than 500 candidate clubs
  • One of the best football countries in Europe
What are we looking for in Spain?
  • Reliable partners, clubs and agents to work with
  • With all the same mission, developing young African talents to make them suitable for the Spanish market and make money
  • Giving players a stage to put themselves in the spotlight to make a transfer

“From Hipodromo Mijas to Ammonite Sportsworld”.
  • Existing accomodation
  • Bankrupt organization horse riding
  • Has been empty for 7 years
  • Everything has been demolished
  • Terrain and building are ideal for our plans

Our plans:

We have been talking to the city council of Mijas for 20 months. Our dream is to create Ammonite Sportsworld. Study and sports are central to this.
Studentcampus: 150 hectares for 700 students. Bringing health and study together. Not only football but also tennis, padel, golf, athletics, hors riding, gym and fitness, mountain biking, aquatics, fully sports related studies.

This video shows what our company is planning in Spain:



Not only in Spain we will be opening an accomodation, but also in the Netherlands. Diamond Sports Hotel in Amstelveen will open its doors in 2022. The hotel has 180 rooms for top- and recreational athletes. Study and sport are central to this. The hotel has his own coach bus for athletes.
Watch this movie to see an impression of the hotel.