Ammonite Football Academy Spain

Ammonite Football Agency:

Thousands of football players have the dream to play professional football one day. We want to help you make that dream come true. To get the most out of your career, it is important that you end up in a top sport environment in which development and performance are central. Through individual and team training, a player is made better to perform as well as possible in a team. The unique thing about our academy is that we are affiliated with Antequera CF. That means short lines with the technical staff, scouts, and head of coaching. When a player develops exceptionally well, that player will join for an internship. In addition, we have an incredibly large network and partners within but also outside Spain with whom we can quickly switch for exhibition matches and individual internships. In addition to a high-quality football program, we also offer you the opportunity to study alongside your football program. what does the football program look like?

High class football program:

Luxury accommodation in Mijas (Andalusia)
Play weekly a friendly match
Team training
Positioning training
Goalkeeper training
Performance training
Measuring physical performance based on physical data
Working from a personal Development Plan
Video Analysis
Optional: Spanish class/study

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